Cross platform Data migration

OCS Migration is one of the fastest migration tools. It is possible to use multiple parallel channels and parallel processes during the migration process. By using the GUI interface you can monitor all the process online. With simple configuration and simple management, Migrating data has never been this easy.


  • OCS Migration is a native PL/SQL tool designated for Oracle Database to Oracle Database Migrations over DB Links

  • Can be configured to use multiple database links to increase the throughput

  • Configure parallelism for inter tables as well as intra tables by filtering option

  • Select one of the proven migration methods:
    • Create tablas as... (CTAS)
    • Insert Append (INSERT_APPEND) and
    • Datapump (DATAPUMP)

  • Manage and Monitor migration sequence via APEX interface.


Supported Objects

  • Table Data (varchar2, number, date, LOB, CLOB, BLOB datatypes)
  • Table Metadata (via DBMS_DATAPUMP)

  • Unique Indexes
  • Functional Indexes
  • B-Tree Indexes
  • Bitmap Indexes
  • Reverse Key Indexes

  • Primary Key Constraints
  • Foreign Key Constraints
  • Unique Constraints
  • Check Constraints